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About Us

Our Heartbeat

To positively transform lives by helping people emotionally, relationally and spiritually thrive.

Our Way

To provide therapeutic expertise and transformational processes to help people recover from painful experiences and patterns, restore healthy relationships and renew purpose and fulfillment in daily life.

Who We Are

Renovari is a team of highly skilled and caring professional therapists committed to guiding others into discovering emotional health, relational strength and spiritual vitality.

Our Core Values

Our Core Values

Leading with

We believe that every person is created with immeasurable worth and deserves to be treated with deep respect and great value.


We believe that acceptance and openness to our strengths, weaknesses and possibilities allows opportunity to embrace ourselves and others more fully.

Engaging in

We believe that discovering an honest version of ourselves and unpacking our true stories through courageous truth and transparency leads to healing and growth. This process best occurs in a deeply caring, safe and trusting environment.

Committing to

We believe that the lifelong pursuit of emotional health, relational strength and spiritual vitality requires a commitment to grace-filled recovery in our difficulties, and hope-filled encouragement to keep moving forward.