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Therapy for Individuals

We help bring clarity to the areas of life where you are stuck, a process for healing and growth, and tools for greater connection and confidence in life.

Therapy for Couple and Families
Couples & Families

We help couples and families gain greater understanding of the patterns and issues that lead to frustration and fear, while providing caring guidance to help them achieve healthier connections and stronger love.

Therapy for children and teens
Children & Adolescents

We help children and teens navigate the challenges and complexities of their experiences and equip them with tools for stronger connections and a greater sense of security.

Group Therapy and Workshops
Groups & Workshops

We provide speicialized group experiences for people to discover greater emotional health, relational strength and spiritual well-being.

Therapy for Trauma
Trauma Recovery

We provide safe and effective therapeutic processes to recover from life's most painful experiences, restore damaged relationships and renew a deeper sense of purpose and fulfillment.

Therapy for anxiety and depression
Depression & Anxiety

We provide safe and effective therapeutic guidance and tools to work through the debilitating and painful experiences of anxiety and depression, and discover greater freedom, hope and motivation for life.


The toughest relationship we have is often with ourselves.

We help people struggling with mental, emotional and relational challenges gain greater clarity on personal challenges, engage in a process of healing and growth, and discover greater peace and confidence in daily life.

Individual Therapy that:

  • Matches you with the right therapist who can understand your unique personality and desires.
  • Provides strong and caring expertise in areas in which your are struggling.
  • Works alongside you to create effective processes for healing and growth.

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Couples & Families

Therapy for couples

There comes a point in the life of most marriages when the flame of love is barely a flicker, excitement for the future has turned into frustration and misunderstanding, stubborn patterns of conflict can't broken, or a betrayal has devastated the relationship. Though the details differ from relationship to relationship, the need for guidance, breakthrough and restored connection is essential.

Renovari provides clarity for the underlying struggles and core issues, healing for the accumulated hurts and fears and empowerment for greater connection and restored love. Our counselors are highly skilled to provide pathways towards building healthier, deeper and stronger marriages.

Couples Therapy that:

  • Helps you understand core patterns and issues that keep your relationship stuck in painful conflicts.
  • Engages in powerful processes for accumulated hurts and fears.
  • Supplies tools for greater connection, intimacy and growth.

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Therapy for families

Nothing has a greater impact on our lives than family. Family is where we develop, discover and form our identity. Yet, too many of our stories are filled with disappointment, pain and lingering hurts from our experiences in our families.

Here at Renovari, we believe that family is a place where we can find the safety to be ourselves, and find security and confidence for the challenges of life. We provide caring expertise to help guide families into health and connection. We empower families to discover firm foundations, strong relationships and resilient strength for life's most challenging experiences.

Therapy for families that:

  • Helps bring clarity to relational struggles and frustration.
  • Provides healing from painful experiences and tools for stronger connections.
  • Empowers families to build a legacy of love and confidence.

Children & Adolescents

The challenges and complexities of the world have greatly increased for children and adolescents.

With these challenges, the need for strong parenting, practical solutions, and loving guidance is more needed today than ever. Renovari provides that guidance for families that equips them to thrive during the childhood and adolescent years rather than simply survive. Contact us if you or your child or teen is needing healing, guidance or help.

Therapy for children and adolescents that:

  • Provides a safe and secure environment to express themselves and their unique struggles and challenges.
  • Empowers a process of healing and growth that matches their personality and strengths.
  • Provides tools for stronger security and greater confidence to handle the complexities of their world.

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Groups & Workshops

Experiential Groups

Renovari has created powerful group experiences designed for specific areas of recovery, healing and growth. These unique experiences provide a powerful environment and process. The dynamics of the group allow for a person's transformation to occur at a deeper level with relational support and direction.

These groups incorporate experiential processes that reach into core issues and access deeper strength. This allows for much greater insight, clarity, and powerful breakthroughs to occur. Your desired outcome can be accomplished more quickly and deeply through a group experiential process. As one client put it, "It was like a year's worth of therapy in 2 months."

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Trauma Recovery* & PTSD Therapy

The impact of traumatic events and experiences can have profound, lasting and devastating effects on a person's life.

These effects can include, but are not limited to painful memories, reactive and out-of-control emotional experiences, patterns of failed relationships, repeated traumas, problems with sleeping, nightmares, defensiveness, depression, anxiety, shame and self-hatred, or being trapped in cycles of addiction.

The person suffering from traumatic life events struggles to experience significant and lasting relationships. Often the impact of trauma keeps people stuck in emotional reactivity and/or intense desires to escape. Trauma increases fear, distrust and shame and puts strain on relationships.

*Renovari Counseling also conducts trauma recovery groups and intensive workshops. Please contact us for further information.

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Finding healing and relief from the impact of trauma becomes imperative for the person who suffers. The right fit for therapy is critically important to the healing process.

Renovari Counseling offers a safe, supportive environment for individuals to work through their traumatic life experiences and discover a road of healing and recovery. The therapy works from an experiential model that allows a person to process through their trauma in a collaborative way that goes beyond individual talk therapy. In addition, our staff is trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) trauma recovery.

Depression & Anxiety


The experience of depression is incredibly common and prevalent. Many people will experience significant symptoms of depression throughout their lifetime. Depression can show up as loss of energy and motivation, trouble with sleeping or over-sleeping, loss of appetite or overeating, hopelessness and loss of enjoyment in life. Though common, depression can be painful and debilitating. There are many causes of depression, and it is important for a client to discover its root sources.

One of the primary neurological impacts of depression is a loss of usable energy. We seek to do a comprehensive biological, psychological and emotional evaluation. We pay special attention to what is draining energy and seek to restore the behavioral, relational, mental and emotional process that increase energy for greater functioning in daily life. It is important that we recover a sense of hope and positive momentum, as well as strong support systems for personal sustainable and reusable energy sources for recover from depression.

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Anxiety and stress are common and universal experiences. They provide important information about how we are experiencing the world around us. They can even serve as strong motivators towards positive action. However, when anxiety and stress begin to take on a larger role than intended, they can become paralyzing. While they can serve as strong motivators toward positive action, when anxiety and stress begin to play too large a role, they can become paralyzing. In this frantic, disconnected and stressed-out world, anxiety and stress can easily lead to controlling fears. That fear can take over our thoughts, feelings, relationships and overall functioning, and can have a devastating effect on our lives. Under chronic or intense stress and anxiety, the body begins to break down. Long-term stress and anxiety can impact nearly every area of life. Seeking help is crucial to finding healthy life skills to reduce stress, increase peace of mind and reconnect with the world around us.

Anxiety not only deeply impacts our mental and emotional well-being, but our physical health as well. Under chronic or intense stress, anxiety and/or fear the body starts to breakdown. We pay special attention to what is draining energy and seek to restore the processes that increase energy levels. We help clients recover a sense of hope and positive momentum, and find strong support systems as they recover from depression.

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